Saturday, August 29, 2009

Kaden's Heart Cath

Mommy and Daddy with Kaden before procedure

Kaden in such good spirits!

Kaden playing with the heart catheters that the dr. just explained to him

On Aug. 11th Kaden had to have a heart catheter done. A year ago during his last surgery they made a whole in his heart on purpose to let his lungs adjust to the new pressures. Well it never closed up after a year so they were going to have to go in and close it. We didn't tell Kaden until a couple days before because we didn't want to scare him. BUT he did absolutely fantastic. HE acted a little nervous but did great. Chris and I got to go back with him until he was asleep and Chris got to hold him until he was out. SO that was a great relief. They called us half way through and they had trouble getting in his vein, but they eventually did get in in his neck. AND they found out that the hole was way to small to even close so they were just going to leave it alone so no repair was done at all and we did not have to spend the night like we were supposed to. So it went really well and he recovered well. Now he's doing great! YAY KAden!

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