Friday, August 28, 2009

Tram and Gatlinburg, Tennessee!

Chris and Ryley going down the water slide

The Princess is Asleep during all the fun!

Chris and Kaden Riding Bumper Cars

Ryley Riding Bumper Cars

We rode the tram up this mountain. Scary!

Kaden riding the train

Chris and Ryley Riding ski lift up to the Alpine Slide

Kaden riding cars while big boys rode slide

Chris Riding Alpine Slide

Ryley riding water slide

Kaden actually said he wanted to ride it too! Go Kaden!

I think he had fun!

The last day before Chris' Nationwide meeting we went to Gatlinburg. We rode a tram up to the top of a mountain and there was sooo much to do at the top of this mountain as you can see by the pics. The kids had a lot of fun. Jaylee was tired so she took a nap and I was 32 weeks pregnant and hot. But Chris and Ryley and Kaden had a blast. There was ice skating up there, rides, slides, shopping, everything. It was really fun! We spent about 2 and half hours here before it began to rain. Everyone was dashing for the tram. So we got wet! Jaylee kept saying "rain, rain"! Kaden even said he wanted to ride a waterslide. He rode with Chris. I was completely shocked. I didn't think he would do anything. But he had fun. YAY Kaden!

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