Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pics for Aunt Mary and Granny!

Kolson Zane Gee
9-03-2009 11:07am
8 lbs 21 inches

Me holding him for first time

His face was soo bruised, since he came so fast

Mommy, daddy and Kolson

Big Sister Jaylee seeing him for first time

Big Brother Ryley seeing him for first time

Kolson under Quadruple banked Bili lights in NICU

He got to come to our room

Kaden got over the flu and finally got to see him


Mommy Stealing a kiss!

Getting ready to go HOME!

Jaylee's first day of Mother's Day Out

She loves her backpack

Kaden babysitting for me real quick

Week 1 pics

Sleeping with Ryley

After my bath

Princess Jaylee

Week 2-looking at his book

Princess jaylee again

Week 3-daddy and Kolson

Sitting in the bouncer

Getting ready for bath

Princess Jaylee again

Kaden and Jaylee watching TV

Sweet Boy!

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