Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Day!

Kolson Loves his Exersaucer

Jaylee got some Littlest PetShop stuff

Ryley got a gift card to GameStop

Oh the babies!

Kaden got a batman thingy!

And a baby stroller!

Ryley got a new bike!

The kids had a GREAT Christmas this year. These are a few pics but certainly not all of them. Jaylee really enjoyed opening gifts this year. This was her first year to really get into it. She got tons of babies and stuff for the babies such as a high chair, stroller, bottles, etc...Now she can take care of her babies while I take care of Kolson. Ryley got Xbox 360 stuff and gift cards and a bike. Kaden got plenty of toys that he loves---he likes anything that anyone gets him. Kolson LOVES his exersaucer, he is almost 4 months so he can do it pretty well and hold his head up well too. Nana and Papa were unable to come up Christmas Day this year due to the Oklahoma Blizzard 2009. But they came the next day 26th. We went ahead and opened their gifts though. They had a blast!

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